Sunday, March 26, 2017

2016/2017 Indoor Finals

The indoor season wrapped up last night with placement games as well as the matchups for 3rd and 1st place.

First game of the night had Kings XI - 3 playing Saracens White for 3rd place in the division. Kings XI - 3 were able to hold their lead and win 3 - 1.

Kings XI - 3

The second game of the night was for 1st place in Division 2 between the Dinos and Warriors. It was a great battle back and forth that eventually saw the Dinos open a lead that the Warriors couldn't close, winning 6 - 2.

U of C Dinos - Division 2 Champions

Game three was for 3rd place in Division 1 between Maroons 1 and Maroons 2. This was a close game that required a shootout to decide the winner. In the end, Ashpal Atwal was unsuccessful in beating junior goaltender Josh Dick on a fancy dangle. Ryan Toy was able to slide the ball past Ingrid to seal 3rd place for M1 in the first round of sudden death shootout.

Maroons 1 and Maroons 2

This brings us to the match of the night between Kings XI - 1 and Saracens Green. The Saracens who came into the playoffs in fourth place were able to upset Maroons 1 the previous week with a strong defense and solid goaltending. They were counting on those same strengths to neutralize the high-powered Kings XI -1 offense. For a large portion of the 1st half, it was working. They had frustrated the Kings with a defense that smothered the forward line. Eventually the scoring was opened by a goal from Balmeet Kullar on a non-traditional penalty corner. The Kings scored another two hard-earned goals before the half. The Saracens defensive system was keeping the game close and they were able to counter on several occasions and earned some great scoring opportunities. However, Jay Dhaliwal was up to the challenge and kept his sheet spotless. The game ended with the Kings winning 5 - 0.

KIngs XI - 1 - Division 1 Champions

After a great night at Repsol Centre, the league standings are

For division 1 
  • 1. Kings XI - 1
  • 2. Saracens Green
  • 3. Maroons 1
  • 4. Maroons 2
  • 5. Cougars
  • 6. United Brothers
  • 7. Kings XI - 2

For division 2:
  • 1. U of C Dinos
  • 2. Warriors
  • 3. Kings XI - 3
  • 4. Saracens White


In addition to crowning division champions, awards were also presented to individuals based on their performance this season.
Most Improved Umpire - Ingrid

Most Improved Player - Said

Most Valuable Player Div 2 - Josh Dick

Most Valuable Player Div 1 - Tanvir Kullar

A special thank you to Haley and Tia for running the scoreboard and tech table all season. Without volunteers like you, the league just wouldn't run. Thank you!

Thanks to all the families, athletes, sponsors, organizers, umpires and the FHAC board for a great indoor season!

Outdoor begins April 20th, 2017.

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